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Martin Luther King, Jr. The Villified

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 4, 2007

Ron Kipling Williams, of the blog Aware and Outraged, writes about Martin Luther King, Jr. and the publics perception of him at the end of his life to commemorate the 39th anniversary of his assassination:

Let us also be very clear that toward the end of his life Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was not only unpopular, but was a marked man. Some tried to claim he was beyond his usefulness. He was vilified in the media for his remarks against Vietnam in his 1967 speech. Civil rights leaders who once stood side by side with him began distancing themselves.

So, one of the greatest tributes we can pay to Dr. King is to assert our voices and mobilize to end the US occupation in Iraq. I truly believe it would be what he wanted.


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