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What Does Tyler Perry Really Want?

Posted by Jack Stephens on January 21, 2009

I enjoy his plays and movies but I’ve always felt the same as Nichole here about his portrayal of women, which is not all that great:

There is little to dispute that [Tyler Perry’s] target audience is Black women, so let’s look at the message we’ve received so far from the play. A beautiful, ambitious driven woman is a promiscuous, shrill bitch and a danger to the home. A good woman doesn’t turn heads with her beauty, is soft-spoken, religious, and will wait- sexually and emotionally- for the right man to come along. We see this play out as well in the movie version of Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?


3 Responses to “What Does Tyler Perry Really Want?”

  1. […] What Does Tyler Perry Really Want? Posted on Wednesday, January 21, 2009 by Jack Stephens Cross-posted from The Blog and the Bullet. […]

  2. Gsharon710 said

    When the plays were out for comedy, it was cool. The mistake comes when you are told the plays have a message. It is time for Black women to stop playing the parts of being obese and having fun directed at them. What message is sent when a foster parent will shoot off her gun at the sound of a dog barking? Hopefully TP will let his staff review and critic plays and movies before releasing them to the public. Why did I get married had a good story line, but Janet, who had lost a child, sounded idiotic telling her girlfriends how to be truthful with their husbands when her own problem skylined theirs. What’s done in the dark was just too painful to watch continually. Again, a good story line, soul stirring singing, but a nurse who acts as though she had just escaped from the mental hospital. If I had attended this play in person, I would have tipped the ticket taker and headed for home. I suppose with all TP has going, he cannot oversee everything. I do admire him as a man, an afro-american who rose from poverty, and a man with such talent. I hope he will check out details of his plays and give the people what made them fall in love with them in the beginning, “fun.”

  3. Aunt Esther Jones said

    All Tyler Perry really wants is money, plain and simple. He puts most black women in the wrong light, always crazy, obese, and poor, like many people think the south really is.

    Take Mabel Simmons as an example. Who really acts like she does anymore. I knew women like that 40 years ago, but that act has changed dramatically. His character Brown is really degrading. Perry combines gay, stupid, black and conniving in one man. There are people like that around, but they are usually in a loony bin.

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