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Archive for April 22nd, 2007

Duke Lacrosse and White Male Supremacy

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 22, 2007

Thomas, of the blog Light and Life, posts an essay on the Duke Lacrosse rape case by Tyneisha Bowens and Laura Bickford of the Raleigh, North Carolina group FIST (Fight Imperialism-Stand Together):

Since the enslavement of African people became an industry, women of color have been subjected to sexual and racial exploitation by white men in this country. It is evident that the justification of this behavior is still present in our society.

This tradition of white male supremacy has created a culture of rape in which women and our bodies are regarded as property and therefore up for grabs by any man. And though this rape culture existed long before this specific case, the decision to drop the sexual assault charges has worsened the situation.


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Willie Horton and the Playboy Mansion

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 22, 2007

Dr. Lester K. Spence, who’s blog has the same name, posts two campaign ads (one from George H. W. Bush’s ’88 campaign and one from the recent Tennessee senate race) that show the explicit, and under the radar, racism that exists in today’s political climate.

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