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we don’t need another anti-racism 101

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 30, 2009

Mai blogs:

i used to be an antiracism trainer for a progressive organization a few years ago.  i was really really good at.

this year i finally realized after a lot of soul searching that teaching white folks how to be good allies is not helpful to anyone.

its like us giving white folks all the correct rhetoric just allows for them to be able to better racists, because they are able to justify their racism using anti-racist rhetoric.

in that they are able to say things like: i realize that such and such is a function of racism and then they continue to do the same fucking thing that they just acknowledged was racist.

[Hat Tip: Restructure]


3 Responses to “we don’t need another anti-racism 101”

  1. Stephen said

    [Editor’s comment: This comment is so fucking stupid that its practically hilarious. So I’m letting it through, with some edits, to show the stupidity of the commenter.]

    I never realized how proud I am to be white until recently. People say all races are equal and that skin color makes no difference. The number one thing wrong with this country is liberal whites and blacks…[deleted for craziness]…I cannot say nearly all the things I would like to say for the fear of getting arrested. But how can an immigrant run this country when every other country with a non white or asian leader in this world still eat people [??] and do not have running water?? Deporting is the only chance we have left…[Yes, deporting the white people is the only chance Native Americans have left]]

  2. Kelly said

    You’re right. That is quite possibly the stupidest comments I’ve ever read on a blog. What a complete ignoramus! Comments such as these make me feel ashamed to be white…

  3. SteeezySea said

    I completly agree, racism has gone too far. Now we have all this subversive racism and hidden racism in a lot of our products, advertisements, and entertainment today! we just need to be able to nehadbeenana… that’s all! If we can just accept others than life will move along much smoother!


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