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Coco Dorm Controversy

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 11, 2007

Darian Aaron, of the blog Living Out Loud with Darian, writes about promescuity and gay culture:

In the wake of the latest Coco Dorm controversy and a recent outing to see the sexually driven film Boy Culture (which is excellent by the way), I’ve been pondering over the widely held belief that all gay men are promiscuous. You’ve heard people say before that being gay is all about sex and that gay men cannot maintain long -lasting relationships…

So to say that all gay men are promiscious is an unfair generalization. How many of us have straight male friends who are constantly competing to see how many women they’ve slept with; as if they’re going to get a trophy for being in the triple digits? This behavior is not only condoned in many circles but it is considered an example of true masculinity.

Queer Kid of Color writes:

Coco Dorm (operated by the owners of Flavalife/men) is in yet another brawl with the Health Department. I don’t give a fuck how much money you make off of videos showcasing men bare backing; no money in the world can cure any of these men if they are infected. I don’t like the powers that be at Coco Dorm and I commend Darian, Jasmyne Cannick and the other bloggers who are taking the initiative in raising awareness on what these disgusting savages are doing.

Jasmyne Cannick blogs:

There’s a lot of money to be made in sex, and gay male sex at that. But what’s the cost? Our lives? And I am posing the question because like I said, I know people who thrown these types of parties here in Los Angeles and while I have never gone, friends of mine have and it bothers me because they’re playing Russian Roulette.

I suspect that like with the down low, the South Florida story tonight may spark a national discussion on the sexual practices of gay men, and we will be right smack dab in the middle of it. And like with the down low, it will get labeled as a Black thing, when we all know that bath houses from here to Japan, cater to white gay men among others.

Bernie, of the blog Bejata, states:

I am a Black gay man who loves my Black gay brothers unconditionally. I am always concerned about our collective well-being. I can’t sit idly by, staring at a video image, knowing the people I’m watching may be unnecessarily putting themselves at risk of infectious disease while someone else makes money off of it. That’s not sexy. That’s not hot.

Instead of trying to silence bloggers for writing about what’s going on, perhaps Flavaworks should spend more time really doing something to keep their models safe.


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Abstinence and Marriage: Reality Check

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 4, 2007

Jill writes:

Good to know that abstinence-until-marriage programs get more federal funding than any of the other HIV/AIDS prevention programs in developing nations. Yes, you read that right: They get more money than all other HIV prevention programs.

And quotes from Newsweek:

For many women, marriage is a risk factor for AIDS because of their husbands’ dangerous behavior. Worldwide, 80 percent of women newly infected with HIV are practicing monogamy within a marriage or a long-term relationship. This shatters the myth that marriage is a natural refuge from AIDS. And it shows that, more than two decades into the epidemic, our fight against AIDS has failed to address the unique circumstances of women—especially women in the developing world.

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Keep It On The DL

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 3, 2007

Ask This Black Woman posts a blog on Bono’s comment that “emasculation” is one of the leading causes for the spread of AIDs in the Black community:

“Emasculation” sounds like homophobia and scapegoating to me. Bono is blaming DL men for the HIV epidemic in the African-American community. It is becoming well known among HIV activists and educators that focusing on DL behavior actually misses the real and more risky behavior causing the epidemic. That behavior is promiscuous heterosexuality.

For more on DL men click here.

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