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White Privilege on Exhibit

Posted by Jack Stephens on June 13, 2008

JJKissinger blogs:

The past few weeks have been absolutely absorbed by an idea that I came up with…an idea I’ve kind of been avoiding, actually. The idea I had was to create an exhibit that would visually and interactively educate people about the idea of White Privilege. Not an easy topic…hence the idea avoidance. But one day, early this quarter, I asked my partner Susie what she thought of the idea. Without missing a beat, she said “let’s do it…we HAVE to do it.” So we did!

…The planning process was intense, thoughtful, fascinating, challenging, and extremely eye-opening. In order for true racial reconciliation to take place on this campus, our majority-white population MUST consider the implications of our whiteness.

[Hat Tip: practical blog]


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Ike says “it’s water under the bridge. I have no regrets of my life.”

Posted by Jack Stephens on December 20, 2007

But the Angry Black Woman blogs:

I am tired of people using the “But he was a great artist” line whenever someone who is, otherwise, a despicable human being, writes a song or a book or a poem that they like. I hate to break Godwin’s Law here, but even Hitler wrote some nice poetry and drew some pretty pictures (and he was nice to animals).

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Subduing the Subversive

Posted by Jack Stephens on November 5, 2007

Ray, of the blog Silent Vowel, writes about the subversive, and popular, UK graffiti artist Banksy and the selling of his art for auction:

How can subversive art resist the all-consuming power of capitalism, which reduces satire and political commentary to a commodity? Anything that is visually unique is reduced to style; and its message ultimately put aside. Mass production results in loss of meaning. It’s why we have Che Guevara’s image on T-shirts produced in Asian sweatshops and why the word “punk” appears next to skull and cross-bones symbols on little girl’s tops in K-Mart.

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