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Race is a Lie

Posted by Jack Stephens on August 10, 2008

Jasmin blogs:

…race is not real; it is a socially constructed phenomenon based solely on visible physically differences. Race is so fictitious a concept that in the post-emancipation U.S. a man could be considered Black in one state, and White in another!

Although race is not real, the effects of racial differentiation; however, are very real. Not every racial group experiences racism in the same manner or to the same degree. Racialized groups (those who society labels “visible minorities”) continually face institutionalized, racial discrimination based solely on stereotypes attached to our skin tone.


One Response to “Race is a Lie”

  1. Devin said

    I’m a light skinned man who became that way as the original people of Africa that were dark skinned moved out into other areas- Mine moved probably somewhere in Europe and natural adaptation Probably changed my features and coloring. I think I’m a mix of European adaptation and probably mediteranean as my skin and eyes are somewhat dark for to have been only a european adaptation. Yet make no mistake- trace my ancestors back far enough and like everybody else- originally, ALL people are from Africa and originally from a darker skinned physically typical African.
    So, you are right. Race is a lie. Society would say I’m white or caucasion. How fuckin stupid.
    Divided we are conquerable and only 1 thing truely divides people; BELIEF.

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