The Blog and the Bullet

An Aggregator On The Best Blogs Concerning Racial Issues, White Supremacy, and Other Radical Musings


The Blog and the Bullet is an aggregator that tries to bring to you the best of the blogosphere concerning issues of race and white supremacy. The title of the blog comes from the April 1964 speech by Malcolm X titled “The Ballot or the Bullet.” We use the term to show that our blog has a radical take on racial issues and white privilege and white supremacy.

This blog came about in inspiration from Blogbharti which realized there was a need for an “aggregating service that links to posts by everyone including Z-Listers so that all the voices” could be heard. So one can think of this as the American radical version of Blogbharti.

The originators of this blog (Carlo, Jack, and Macha) realized the need for a place on the Internet to link to other blogs like their own, Double Consciousness, in order for other to see some of the best blogs on the blogosphere concerning the issues of race, white supremacy, white privilege, and other radical musings. While this is a blog set up by radical authors, seeking other radical blog posts, not all posts linked on this page will come from blogs that have a radical message, some posts will just be linked because of the good commentary and insight, others will be linked because they illuminate a certain situation, and, of course, others will be linked due to their radical outlook and good commentary.


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