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Poor White Folk and Poor Black Folk

Posted by Jack Stephens on June 29, 2008

Malik blogs:

I think the analogy of the house negro and the field negro is better applied to the relationship between poor Black folks and poor white folks than to the relationship between poor Black folks and “Black conservatives”. Poor white folks are the ultimate house negros. They are only marginally better off than poor Black folks (the “overwhelming advantage” is a well-maintained illusion), but because they inhabit the same psychological house as their rich white masters, and get a few extra favors, they wholly identify with their masters. Think about it.


3 Responses to “Poor White Folk and Poor Black Folk”

  1. Indigo said


    The analogy is of your making and so is mine, which follows:

    Poor white folks are, White and a segment of the patirachial, rulling class. No matter how poor they may be, they will always be a part of the White elite.

    On the other hand, poor Black folks will always be poor and Black, a segmented group of people at the bottom in all areas of life.

    And, if these poor black people manage to reach the middle class or upper-class, they will still be treated and looked upon by all whites as poor blacks!

    So, in essence poor blacks and poor whites have very little in common, except the false perception that they have much in common!


  2. Renee said

    Poor whites and poor blacks may suffer the same economic hardship but what keeps the division of race real and concrete is the fact that even in poverty whites still continue to exist with privilege. They may falsely identify with the top 1% however the whiteness of their skin means things like shorter prison sentences or not even being charged with a crime in the first place. Let us not pretend that economics alone is the only cause/cure to racism.

  3. Indigo and Renee: Yep, I agree, which is what the author is trying to get at, especially when watching the two videos.

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