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Bono: The White African Messiah?

Posted by Jack Stephens on July 14, 2007

A blogger at the sub-Saharan African roundtable blogs about Vanity Fair’s recent issue on U2’s Bono and Africa:

Western reporters tend to shirk many of their journalistic responsibilities, including those that fall under objectivity and accuracy, when it comes to covering the work of do-gooders in Africa. This month’s “Africa”-themed Vanity Fair, the thickest July issue thus far, is a glaring example. Guest edited by Bono, it includes admiring reviews of the U2 frontman’s campaign, Project (Red) and his messiah, Jeffrey Sachs. These two features alone take up seven and eight pages respectively and both writers are unabashed in their adoration of the Bono/Sachs crusade. Considering Graydon Carter’s alarming remark in his editor’s letter that many of those submitting pitches mentioned their “good friend Bono,” they could very well have been written by Bono’s good friends.


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