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“Illegal Immigrants:” Attacking the “Rule of Law” Since 1492

Posted by Jack Stephens on January 25, 2008

Nezua blogs about anti-immigrant sentiment and how “illegals” attack the “rule of law:”

Practically, what has made America “great” was Manifest Destiny and slave labor. We still practice these in different forms. War of aggression (we’re out for oil this time, not land…well, except the land under our MASSIVE bases), our not-so-hidden (but despised) slave class right here in murka, and outsourcing in some of its forms. America is not even owned by America anymore, but we don’t hear panic over this, do we? So many foreign investors and trade deficits and corporate border hopping that only the sticker is red white and blue today.

But it’s not about the Rule of Law with your type. And you can’t be honest with yourself. Your world is slipping away, and it freaks you out.

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