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IQ and Genetics

Posted by Jack Stephens on December 19, 2007

Amardeep Singh blogs:

Malcolm Gladwell’s latest in the New Yorker is a must-read for anyone who’s been stuck arguing with an IQ fetishist at a dinner party (sadly, this has happened to me once too often). Gladwell relies heavily on the work of James Flynn, who has a new book out called What is Intelligence?. Flynn shows that IQ scores, in various parts of the world, tend to rise over time — and delves into the implications of those changes for how we understand IQ scores


One Response to “IQ and Genetics”

  1. Amusement For GiGi

    by matttbastard

    (h/t boomgate for the vid)
    Via Jack Stephens and Amardeep Singh, Richard Nisbett and Malcolm Gladwell attempt to untie the always-knotty debate surrounding IQ fundamentalism, hereditarian bigotry and race.
    Money quote courtesy Gladwell…

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