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Blowing Things Out of Proportion

Posted by Jack Stephens on October 9, 2007

Woman of Color PhD blogs about how white society accuses people of color bloggers and their white allies of blowing small incidents out of proportion and that in reality they are the ones causing racism, not that America is racist:

What is telling about this accusation is not only how easy it is to do a basic search and discover the number of incidents we are talking about but also the ways that once again standing up for the basic civil and human rights of people of color is being seen as inciting hatred and violence.  D.A. Walters said the only thing that saved Jena from violence was God despite evidence that the only people behaving in a violent way were Klan from neighboring areas. Adriene Curry argued that black history month was the real culprit of segregation and racism in this country and only encouraged people to avoid one another and hate each other.  Now, people discussing the Palmdale wrist incident are being likened to antebellum white supremacist propagandanists?

Well there is a pattern, a pattern that has been well documented by the SPLC (as I have said before) and was also documented on CNN tonight.  One month into the school year, we have the following examples at our disposal…

She also has an update on the  Palmdale-Knight High School “cake incident.”


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