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Channel 4 Spreads Hate

Posted by Jack Stephens on August 12, 2007

Lenin comments on a recent police investigation of a Muslim mosque in Britain after an “undercover” operation by a Channel 4 news team in Britain which aired footage of Muslim clerics allegedly preaching a Wahhabist view of Islam and hatred toward the West:

this particular programme ran into trouble because the West Midlands police decided to investigate their claims to see if anyone could be banged up over it. What the police appear to have found is that statements were spliced together to fundamentally distort what most of the speakers they quoted were actually saying. A CPS lawyer reviewing the footage agreed.

Naturally, the right-wing papers are whinging that the police should be ‘doing their job’, which as they see it involves arresting Muslims and spying on their meetings. The fascists are obviously howling with indignation as well. However, if the police are right, then Channel 4 is possibly guilty of incitement to racial hatred.


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