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Inter-Ethnic Conflict

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 27, 2007

Rage raises interesting points on interracial dialogue in response to an article in Asian Week titled “Why I Hate Black People:”

If we really care to show that we believe in the strength and importance of the African American community, we should be advancing political and social agendas that embrace zero compromise on education reform that really focuses on making sure that the education gap for African American and other children disappears… And on the flip side, why is it that immigration is not a civil or human rights issue for the majority of the African American civil rights community? Why don’t they really touch the issue, really relegating it to the Latino and Asian communities? And why don’t we say how much we owe Latino communities for their fight against national origin and language discrimination in this country?

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A Driven Wedge

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 26, 2007

The blog deleteTheBorder posts an article by Alan Jenkins on the media’s focus on African Americans and Latino immigrants and the “competition” between the two groups:

The mainstream media have fixated on potential points of black/immigrant tension, looking for a conflict storyline. And that storyline has been amply fed by conservative anti-immigrant groups intent on driving a wedge between the two communities.

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White Immigrants and the Destruction of Black People

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 24, 2007

vegankid posts a blog on the history of white immigrants in the United States and how it effected teh Black population in the U.S.:

Along with the movement was an economic offensive making it more difficult for Black people to earn a living outside the system of slavery. It was at this time that a famine in Ireland and politics throughout Europe sent millions of White immigrants to the shores of the U.S. Between 1830 and 1860 more than five million such immigrants settled in American cities. The effect was devastating to the Black workforce, but played well into the hands of slaveholders.

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Hunt An Illegal

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 19, 2007

Jill, who puts out the blog Feministe, directs our attention to the New York University College Republicans:

Oh NYU College Republicans. I thought you hit your low point during your affirmative action bakesale. But now you feel the need to top even that proud display of bigotry with your rally this Thursday, titled “Find the Illegal Immigrant – They’re everywhere so it shouldn’t be too hard…

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Asians in Post-Slavery America

Posted by Carlo Montemayor on February 11, 2007

Marco Hewitt, a Pilipino-Anglo phd student from Australia who is visiting the Bay Area, writes about how Asians became the “new slaves” after Black emancipation in his blog Insurgelicious:

Planters and landowners claimed Asians to be preferable to blacks because of their more “docile” and “industrious” nature. This myth of the “docile Asian” took hold despite there being plenty of evidence to the contrary. Political resistance regularly broke out amongst Asian labourers, who demanded land, equal conditions to whites, and the like. The problem was that dissenters were quickly and brutally repressed.

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The Hijacking of Chávez

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 7, 2007

XicanoPwr, of Para Justicia y Libertad, attacks the right’s use of Cesar Chavez in rallying support for oppossing undocumented workers. In this post the author writes:

Today, we are the guardians of his legacy, it is up to us to honor César Chávez to protect and enhance the future of today and tomorrow’s immigrants. Discredit him, it is us who will harm the future of the Latino community and will provide the opportunities for others to keep our people down or gain power at Chávez’s expense. César told Matthiessen that the reactionaries were always better organizers. “The right has a lot of discipline that the left lacks. The left always dilutes itself. Instead of merging to go after the common enemy, the left splinters, and the splinters go after one another. Meanwhile, the right keeps after its objective, pounding away, pounding away.” It is true today as it was true back then.

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