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The Native Media and American Politics

Posted by Jack Stephens on September 12, 2008

The Angry Indian blogs on Native American news outlets:

We were never meant to be a part of the colonial system and I find it embarrassing that those who are chosen to represent us do not have the courage to speak about this in real, coherent and tangible terms. Instead, we talk of what it like for Indians to be a part of the DNC and RNC conventions and who got to speak before large crowds and which “tribe” will adopt a candidate who in the end will do absolutely nothing for our people but keep us in our respective place at the bottom of the U.S. totem pole. And we ask ourselves why we get so little respect.


One Response to “The Native Media and American Politics”

  1. Miget said

    I went to the DNC this year as media from Guam and this mentality was very much in place by the delegates I met there from all the different types of American colonies and territories. I found it so frustrating, especially when talking to people from Guam (but others as well), and trying my best to insert some cognizance about colonialism and the role it plays both in their disenfranchisement, exploitation and also their tokenistic presence there, I had little luck. The long metaphoric and geographic distances that people from the colonies surpassed to end up in Denver, had the effect of making them even more excited and more blind when it came to perceiving the structures of power that rely upon their powerlessness. It was surreal for me to see Hillary Clinton supporters acting as if they were the ones who were powerless, disrespected, mistreated, and being colonized by the Obama wing of the party, and those of us who live lives which are colonial every single day, we were the people who were the most willing to give up their interests, and the claims they have to justice or decolonization. I know I’m generalizing, but from my interviews and interactions with people, this was what my impression was.

    Thanks for your blog.

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