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Want to Call Yourself Canadian? Assimilate–or Else…

Posted by Jack Stephens on August 20, 2008

Alex blogs:

Canadians are too polite to tell the gooks to go home, that just wouldn’t seem right.

It does, however, seem to be ok to tell them to “integrate” with “our culture” or else “Canada should reject that person as a potential Canadian citizen.”

A recent Toronto Star article titled “Sure we have rights, but what about duties?” by

One Response to “Want to Call Yourself Canadian? Assimilate–or Else…”

  1. Very interesting because you don’t hear much about Canada. The slogan applies here too: Unconditional Legalization for All.

    OT: I was right about the Greens. The only thing they have is ballot access. They are split, with some enviromentalists don’t like McKinney talking about race, some support Dems, others Nader.

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