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The War Inside

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 28, 2008

Terrance blogs about Memorial Day, his father, and the wars being fought now:

One of the earliest rules I remember learning as a child was how to wake dad up from a nap. Don’t touch him or shake him, I was told. He might be dreaming about being back in Vietnam, or the defensive reflex required to survive there might kick in and the reaction might be violent. So, when it was time to wake him up, we would stand at the door and call to him until he responded, even well into my high school years. Looking back, in think it was a way of not releasing the war inside — the war he carried with him — into our home.

It’s bad enough that we sent men and women overseas to fight a war founded disinformation, in insufficient numbers, and with inadequate equipment. But, when they come home with deep psychological wounds from that war, and we give them less than the treatment they need, Memorial Day celebrations and speeches ring hollow.

One Response to “The War Inside”

  1. Diane Outlaw said

    After reading about Terrance’s father, and the traumatic episodes he still had….I also wondered about the many who are fighting various wars all over the globe. Our country has soldiers in 17 different countries. Some of the countries, I can’t even pronounce. We are a warring society. We believe that war changes things. We believe that war makes us powerful, that war is necessary. Yet, one year we’re blasting them [the “at the moment enemy”] and a few years later, they are allowed to migrate to our country – complete with benefits.
    Our soldiers are often not emotionally ready for war, murder, kill, kill. Our soldiers are usually young, inexperienced in most things. We expect them to stay in a foreign land – wreck havoc upon that land and those people. Upon the return of our soldier – he is not offered counseling, or any other service. Some have mental issues. Some suffer from ‘after shock’ – so although they ‘survived’ the war – they still haven’t fully recovered from the horrific experience of seeing death all around you.When our soldiers return, they are cut loose with only a pat on the back. It is a ^&*%^$% shame the way the government expects so much from our soldiers, yet – offers so little to them upon their return . It’s a $#$%$% shame. That.

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