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Shiraz Socialist on Tibet

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 19, 2008

Jim writes:

Listen, you Stalinists!

You have been systematically spreading lies about the ’Free Tibet’ movement, and offering uncritical support to the vicious, red-in-tooth-and-claw capitalist ruling class in Beijing. Of course, you are no strangers to the art of grovelling to, and lying for,  a thoroughly reactionary, anti-working class regime in the name of “socialism”: you adopted that posture towards the so-called “Soviet Union” for sixty years, until the workers of Russia and Eastern Europe (literally) tore down the edifice of Stalinist totalitarianism.


2 Responses to “Shiraz Socialist on Tibet”

  1. […] Socialist. Though the same post by Jim was approvingly aggregated by Brownfemipower at the radical “blog and the bullet” site. The argument on Shiraz was not only bad tempered, but also relaied upon over-stretching […]

  2. Don said

    I redd about a belief that the Tibetans ar decended from a nonhuman primate and a human.Add tu that zoroastrian beliefs that all animal creatures decend from an ox and all plants from a number of plants and yu hav the nonchristian creation science of evolution.I certin respect part of what Darwin wrote but different traits that appear ar recessiv including mutant and or hybrids traits and Mendel’s discovery after Darwin’s theory was founded.If any species has too meny mutant or hybrid genes it become unfertile.How then can a species hav offspring that becomes mutant and becomes a new mutant kind.A species can be fertile enuf(enough)that has some mutations but fertility diminishes tu the point of sterility wenn mutations ar meny and such like plants die more easily.If mutations ar too meny the seed won’t develope and the embrio die before birth.Evolution easily pruven wrong by the obvious and common observation that much mutant kinds cannot reproduce and become sterile.

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