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“Hands Off the White Woman!”

Posted by Jack Stephens on March 8, 2008

Brother Peacemaker blogs about America’s infatuation with white women:

It would be easy to blame the media for such obvious white women favoritism. But the real problem is our culture that places such emphasis on looks, youth, sex, race, money, and other features and factors people use to compensate for the shortcomings of their character. Media is only a hapless pawn serving to feed the insatiable hunger of its master the character weak, wealth exchanging, public so tremendously concentrated in the white community. Until we have a more even distribution of wealth among all racial communities and/or a realignment of people’s priorities away from the secular and more towards a true all encompassing community oriented spirit, be prepared to hear more stories in the news from the undiscovered Susan Smiths and Natalie Holloways that are destined to become pawn in society’s perpetual endeavor to make pretty white women the focus of our attention.


One Response to ““Hands Off the White Woman!””

  1. Ampersand said

    Pretty white women like Natalie Holloway can go on vacations in the Bahamas or on Carnival cruises to exotic locations, act like a tramp all night long, get drunk in a debauchery of blatant sexual innuendoes, wander off, turn up missing, and gain the sympathy of the world.

    Yeesh! I agree with him about media racism, but other people have made the same point without slipping into this sort of slut-shaming garbage language.

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