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Immigrants Commit Far Less Crimes Than “Native” Citizens

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 26, 2008

Alex Thurston, of the blog The Seminal, blogs about a recent study put out by the Public Policy Institute of California:

This report, which suggests that immigrants (both legal and illegal) commit fewer crimes than native-born American citizens in California, caught my eye today. I’m sure xenophobes will dismiss the results, and offer plenty of anecdotes to back up their claims that all immigrants are criminals, but the article speaks for itself:


2 Responses to “Immigrants Commit Far Less Crimes Than “Native” Citizens”

  1. gradmommy said

    I think the argument is that while not all immigrants are criminals, all undocumented immigrants are criminals, by definition. At least that’s the way I hear it…

  2. Actually, this study targeted undocumented immigrants and documented immigrants.

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