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If It’s A War This Honky Wants…

Posted by Jack Stephens on February 22, 2008

Holy fucking shit! Just finished posting this at my blog:

This was actually in a campus newspaper! I believe it’s an independent newspaper, not affiliated with the University of Colorado journalism department (thank God!) but it is a newspaper none the less for the UC community.

I’ll get straight to the point. Here is an excerpt from the Campus Press‘s recent Op-Ed piece titled “If it’s a war the Asians want…”:

I’m such a fool for not realizing it sooner. I can’t tell you how many times the Asians have treated me like a retarded weasel and I’ve forgiven them. But now I know that Asians are not just “a product of their environment,” and their rudeness is not a “cultural misunderstanding.”

They hate us all.

And I say it’s time we started hating them back. That’s right-no more “tolerance.” No more “cultural sensitivity.” No more “Mr. Pretend-I’m-Not-Racist.”

It’s time for war.

But we won’t attack their bodies or minds. We will attack their souls.

Than the newspaper gave a half-assed apology saying it was “satire:”

Angry Asian Man blogs:

What is wrong with this guy? Is he really asking for it? The article appeared in the opinion section of the paper’s website, is apparently supposed to be satirical… but is it really? If you ask me, the guy is trying to vent some of his own frustrations and hate with the Asian student population at his school. “The Asians.” Here’s a link to the actual column: If it’s war the Asians want….

That’s racist! It’s ugly. He goes on to outline his “plan” for attacking the Asian soul. I think he’s trying to be funny. He’s not. I’m not trying to fan to the flames here, since it’s obvious Karson is the kind of guy who writes this stuff to get attention for his pathetic aspiring journalism career. But damn, this guy is a true flaming idiot. Sadly, I’m sure there’s a future place for him at Fox News.

Jenn at APA for Progress comments:

Wow. Max Karson, a columnist at Colorado University, wrote a “satirical” piece in the campus newspaper declaring a war on Asian students. Pronouncing that Asians “hate us” (because, of course, Asians can’t actually be “us”), Karson advocates a ridiculous three-phased attack on Asian students, chock full of ludicrous anti-Asian stereotypes.

Or at least it would be ridiculous if the fantastical plan didn’t seem so reminiscent of extraordinary rendition and a mass lynching.

If this piece is supposed to be satire, than Karson is a terrible writer, unworthy of the energy it took to put ink to paper. But this column is not satire: it is a racism-fueled hate fantasy that should make the Asian American students of CU fearful and angry at just how intolerant their campus really is.

I urge each of you to write a Letter to the Editor of Campus Press, and CC a copy to Max Karson ( Include a copy of your letter in the comments of this thread for Instant Activism Karma(tm).

Here’s a template. Edit (or just copy-and-paste it on to Campus Press) as you so desire

Joe Nguyen comments:

There hasn’t been a worst decision to run a column this bad since Asian Week ran Kenneth Eng’s, “Why I hate blacks.”

But should it be surprising that Karson is stirring up trouble? This is the same man who made controversial remarks about the Virginia Tech massacre and has a history of pushing the boundaries with his columns.


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