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Minority Faculty

Posted by Jack Stephens on November 4, 2007

C.N. Le blogs on a recent study on people of color in college positions:

The study also suggests that there seem to be enough underrepresented minority Ph.D.s out there in the candidate pool, but for various reasons, they aren’t being hired in their same proportions. I’ve covered some of the challenges that minority Ph.D. students face, but for those who make it to the end, one would think that colleges would be eager to hire them to help their schools improve such dismal representation numbers.

But alas, that particular ideal doesn’t seem to match the practical realities, as this study shows. So the question is, why is that the case? I think we in academia need to take a hard look at not just institutional policies at the college level, but also the nitty-gritty details of deliberations at the departmental level and how a particular department chooses their new hires.

In other words, it’s one thing for a college to proclaim that they want to improve their proportions of underrepresented faculty, but it’s another issue altogether for each individual department on that campus to take the initiative to actually hire an underrepresented minority candidate.

One Response to “Minority Faculty”

  1. Ray said

    I speak from experience when I say that nearly 100% of university faculty members are white, espeically here in Australia. However I come from a humanities background. Still, I find this a bit strange, as who can better comment on the effect of marginalisation? However, the same held true for students in the humanities (very few non-anglo ethnic backgrounds). Whether this is due to university hiring practices or cultural attitudes (a lot of students are international students), I’m not sure of.

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