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“You to can be Oriental!”

Posted by Jack Stephens on October 22, 2007

Angry Asian Man posts:

Halloween is…the time of year where we see all sorts of lame, racist costumes. You, too, can be Asian for Halloween! For instance, the Asian Princess Costume, available at Target. Or how about the China Woman Costume. There’s also the Sexy Giesha Glam Costume. And my favorite, the Oriental Delight Costume: “Try out something exotic and erotic with Forplay’s Oriental Delight. This sexy, Asian inspired dress features tied-up sides, a V-Neck neckline and authentic Asian accents. Fancy fan also included.” Fancy fan? Awesome! Ugh.

One Response to ““You to can be Oriental!””

  1. Tricia Kim said

    *sigh* I know. The objectification of Asian women by other races is a sad one. It’s even sadder when Asian men look down on us. But I guess we can blame the racist costume designers and the Disney movies. Have you seen the Arabian woman costume? *sigh*


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