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Kaplan on Asia: “Dem Craz-ay Asians is a Commin’!”

Posted by Jack Stephens on October 8, 2007

Dr. Anonymous blogs about an article that Robert Kaplan wrote for the Times about Asian and its political future:

Robert Kaplan, a writer for the Atlantic Monthly, considers American imperialist concerns in Asia in the Times. The article is anything but pacific.

Here’s my favorite part:

Asia’s military-economic vigor is the product of united political, economic and military elites

Aside from the grossly sweeping nature of the statement, it may not even be very accurate, as far as grossly sweeping statements go. He wrote this in the weeks after: the Japanese prime minister resigned; Nepal’s Maoists quit the government; Pakistan is in the throws of yet another change of rule; Sri Lanka is in the middle of the civil war that does not end; Burma’s government is facing perhaps the most serious challenge to its rule since 1988, and India’s Left has threatened to pull the rug out from under the ruling coalition because of a proposed nuclear deal with the U.S.

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