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Archive for September 12th, 2007

Vota la Raza: The Democrats and the Latina/o Voter

Posted by Jack Stephens on September 12, 2007

Bitch Ph.D. blogs:

Sadly, the Democrats seem to be doing the standard white liberal outreach nonsense, rather than putting Latino issues front and center. What do the Dems plan to do to help reinvest in American cities? What do they plan to do about NCLB and anti-bilingual education? What do they plan to do to address the horrific drop-out rate for Hispanic high school students? What, for god’s sake, is our plan to support service workers, farmworkers, and industrial workers? Do we have any ideas about how to encourage and support small independent businessowners–restaurateurs, auto mechanics, bodega owners–against chains like Chipotles (owned by McDonalds) or Jiffy Lube or WalMart? How are we going to address the fact that one of the biggest effects of NAFTA (and globalization generally) is to help capital move across borders to set up maquiladores in Mexico and sweatshops in Los Angeles that pay sub-living wages to workers who aren’t able to legally cross those same borders to find better-paying jobs? What are the Democratic candidates’ positions on international relations with countries in Central and South America and the Caribbean?


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