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Transracial Adoptees, Permanent Homes, Forever Families, and Their Home They Are Forced to Leave

Posted by Jack Stephens on September 5, 2007

Sume blogs about the intracacies of what is really home and family while being a transracial adoptee:

In the case of domestic adoption, can more be done to keep families in tact? What roles do racism and class play in creating and perpetuating environments that feed children into system? Have we as a society become too reliant upon adoption as a solution because of lack of a better one?

And let us not forget that adoption is an industry regardless of it’s mutually beneficial appearance. As an industry, adoption has created as many or more problems as it has presumably solved. On one hand, it gives children to parents who want them, but on another, it feeds and sustains a voracious baby market. As potential adoptive parents seek cheaper, quicker ways to acquire children those only too willing to provide that without much thought to ethics will appear. Adoption as an industry will do what’s necessary to stay alive.

2 Responses to “Transracial Adoptees, Permanent Homes, Forever Families, and Their Home They Are Forced to Leave”

  1. olivia said

    to take advantage of the system…

    in America i think the chances are slim. why don’t you carry a baby for 10 months, jack, give birth to it and then see how easy it is to toss that kid out into the world.

    i have placed exactly one child for adoption and can’t imagine any american woman doing it for the payback alone, which is NONE.

    it’s not a market as much as a need.

  2. Olivia:

    Number one, I didn’t write this post, Sume did.

    Number two, ten months??!! Do you know basic biology.

    Number three, you need to read the whole post dumbass. Sume is talking about the racism and vestiages of colonialism that feeds the trans-Pacific adoption industry and trade. About the ways, for example, Korea has become literally a market in adoption and how the capitalistic system of that form of adoption has hidden the relationships between (literally) buyer and seller; on how American couples don’t see that some of those children going through adoption were actually stolen from their families (whom were deceived) due to the fact they thought they were giving their children better lives in Korea; not having their children being sold in an adoption trade to America in where the intermediaries make a large profit.

    Also, American white supremacy plays a large role for the adoptee as well as many white families unwillingly destroy the cultural background and heritage of their adopted child.

    So, Olivia; how ’bout you actually know what the fuck you are talking about before you post on this blog.

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