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Racism Don’t Exist Any More! CSI Told Me So!

Posted by Jack Stephens on September 4, 2007

The Angry Black Woman blogs about a  storyline in CSI were a young Black man was killed by one of the main white characters in the show which delves into a “Black people are soooooo sensitive” side story:

This storyline wouldn’t bother me so much if similar situations didn’t happen between law enforcement and black folks all of the time. It’s shows like this that convince people that black folks are usually in the wrong, anyway, or deserved to be killed because they were up to no good, and are crazy to think that the police are racists out to get them, and even if you give them what they want, money, they’ll just act like fools and still commit crime because, well, black people are just bad. By framing it in this context, with a character the audience knows and loves and guest characters who are unrealistically/stereotypically drawn, the show is doing a disservice to the very serious issue at hand. And that just makes me angry.

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