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Where’s Sharpton’s Outrage

Posted by Jack Stephens on August 5, 2007

Fellow Blog and the Bullet editor Yolanda posts:

Al Sharpton has called August 7th as a “Day of Outrage” against offensive rap music lyrics. Meanwhile, neither the good reverend or any other prominent “civil rights leader” have uttered one word about a horrific sexual assault against a Black woman and her twelve-year-old son by other Black people in the Black community. In response, blogger-activist Gina McCauley lets us know what’s up.

With Gina McCauley blogging about a recent rape in a Florida housing project:

Relocate them. Raze the place to the ground and let it serve as a monument that the great social experiment of packing a bunch of poor folks on top of each other and then abandoning them is a FAILURE. The public policy folks got this one WRONG. Start over, but don’t let these people continue to live like this. If they don’t have the initiative or wherewithal to claw themselves out out of hell, then the nation must give them a push, but we can’t sit back and accept these conditions in America or anywhere else on the planet for that matter. Some of the current residents understand that Hell on Earth is no HOME at all.

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