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Immigrants the Modern Day Pilgrims?

Posted by Jack Stephens on July 28, 2007

Brownfemipower comments on some recent cartoons depicting  Native Americans as anti-immigration opponents and the pilgrims as the immigrants of today.  She takes exception with these cartoons as they don’t portray history correctly and view the Native Americans as allowing to be rolled over by the Europeans:

They imply that the colonization of indigenous land is parallel to or equivalent to the migration of brown people over falsely created borders. Let’s be real clear here. Pilgrims came here to colonize the land. They created permanent settlements by which they could steal the resources of the land to pay for their “adventure” while at the same time creating the God blessed “communnity on a hill”. They came here with no intention of leaving–they came here with the investment and backing of companies and government officials back home. We can whine all we want about their noble deeds, but they. were. colonizers.


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