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Is Katrina Forgotten

Posted by Jack Stephens on July 16, 2007

Zee writes:

It’s been two long years since my life along with hundreds of thousands of Gulf Coast residents were changed by the fury of Hurricane Katrina. As a New Orleans native and someone that was “racially put in my place” by numerous Federal and State officials, I must say that not much has changed. I am still stuck hundreds of miles away from my beloved hometown and I am still struggling to rebuild my life in literally hundreds of ways. There is still bureaucratic red tape that is preventing thousands upon thousands of people from resuming their livelihoods. Most of the country has moved on choosing to focus on more recent tragedies like school shootings and Paris Hilton’s plight in jail. The United States has forgotten that our government caused one of the biggest examples of pain and suffering in this country’s history this side of slavery.

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