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bell hooks and Outlaw Culture

Posted by Jack Stephens on July 3, 2007

Jeff, at the blog Feminist Allies, posts a video of bell hooks:

This interview/speech is a few years old now, but it’s always a treat to listen to hooks. In this video, hooks gives us a sort of video companion piece to her book, Outlaw Culture. In the first section, she explains why studying popular culture is important for critical thinkers, feminists and (yes) even literary critics to do. The short answer to why is: Popular culture is where hegemony works its evil magic.


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Segregation and America

Posted by Jack Stephens on July 3, 2007

Ann writes:

Black Americans overwhelmingly are the most segregated of all races and ethnic groups in America.

Residential segregation is something that many people do not give serious thought. For it is in the segregation of neighborhoods where educational, economic and social disparity is seen.

Keep blacks out of the predominently white neighborhoods (ergo, excellent schools, best jobs, best networking/social contacts) and you have in effect curtailed black people obtaining a better life.

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Dimensions of Residential Segregation

Posted by Jack Stephens on July 3, 2007

Rachels, over at Ally Work, blogs about racial segregation in America:

Before I put up the full post on the Supreme Court decision on voluntary desegregation programs, I want to briefly discussion the dimensions of of residential segregation. Segregation is a really hot topic in sociology these days. This is probably true for a few reasons, including the fact that it is fairly easy to measure with statistics and it’s one of those areas where we still have significant progress to make.

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