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Underground White Hip-Hop Snobbery

Posted by Jack Stephens on June 22, 2007

Dective Mat writes (the link isn’t working as of now):

Oh hip hop…what has happened to you…I really don’t know what to expect out of you anymore. At least I know what crap to expect from the commercialized mainstream. But the underground? I completely give up. It’s not a flourishing culture that addresses the needs of urban youth anymore. Now, it’s just a pissing contest between suburban snobs to see who knows the most unknown underground artists. The underground is depressing. At any given underground show, the crowd will be filled with college-aged suburban guys who somehow discovered their consciousness in school, and now dive blindly into anything labeled as “underground”. You must like Hieroglyphics, Atmosphere, and Aesop Rock or else you “aren’t hip hop”. They’ll always come at you with their collection of trendy underground groups, telling you “this is REAL hip hop”, when in actuallity, theres little diversity in the styles they listen to.


2 Responses to “Underground White Hip-Hop Snobbery”

  1. paulkim021 said

    word up

  2. I think you should shut the fuck up, because commercial rap is full of shit that’s turning the youth of the community into negative gangster wannabe wankers. I’m Aussie and I don’t like seeing this country turning into that fucked up, bang bang shoot em dead hole of a country America! Fucken Bush is a retard, he should ban guns, not to mention having every douchebag commercial rapper shot dead by the CIA! Look at that soulja boy [deleted by editor due to gratuitous homophobic language]

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