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Black “Mecca” Disapearing

Posted by Jack Stephens on June 20, 2007

Exodus Mentality blogs: 

Here in Atlanta, the so-called Black mecca of the south, we are undergoing a gentrification phase that will almost certainly change the color characteristics of the city. Basically the Black people are disappearing. Nobody is quite sure where they.went, but they are indeed going. Places I used to live, where 15 years ago you could only find a white person looking for street pharmacueticals, are now sprinkled with more and more non-Black faces.

I am a native Atlantan, and although it is true that you see a lot of Black people here who appear to be doing well for themselves, this is far from some Chocolate oasis where people of color come to be refreshed and replenished. Outside of a select clique, the prosperity never really trickled down to the general Negro population. Inner city schools were still a pure mess, the city infrastructure debilitated, cops still cracked Black heads just as hard and often.


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