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Biracial Children and Lawsuits By White Parents

Posted by Jack Stephens on June 12, 2007

Stephanie blogs:

This article is from The Gimp Parade via Rachel’s Tavern. It’s about the Long Island Couple suing the fertility clinic for the “wrong” in-vitro that resulted in having a child darker than her parents. This is not new, for in the 1990s when a white woman was given the wrong in-vitro that resulted in her having a biracial Black girl(now a teenager). She sued the clinic for damages and was generously compensated. What if such thing happened to a Black expectant mother? Would she be generously compensated for giving her the wrong treatment? Would the public be sympathetic to her plight? What you say?


5 Responses to “Biracial Children and Lawsuits By White Parents”

  1. stephaniegirl said

    Thanks for posting my opinion on the in-vitro controversy. This can be apply to adoption. I read stories of white parents taking back their adopted children after finding out that the kid is darker or of biracial descent instead of white. I know the historical racist ideology that a white woman can give birth to a black child but a Black woman can never give birth to a white child. This is the basis of white privilege and supremacy as well. The whole mating/marriage/fertility marketplace privilege White couple needs over all others.

    Stephanie B.

  2. renee said

    i dont no if a black mother would be treated the same or not… but being a black woman married to a white man with three children well i am more concerned about the child or children that come from such a mistake…..what should be for most in these parents mind is loving that child… thats the number 1 thing… suing the clinic is second….

  3. renee said

    Editor’s Note: Another ignorant post from a racist Internet surfer. I edited out most of the crap but left the gist of what she was saying (or he) to just show everyone how ridiculous people really think.

    [Deleted]…i’m sorry to say that stephaniegirl sounds like one of those angry black woomen [sic] i see and hear about all the time…[Deleted]

  4. renee said

    Editor’s Note: I’m posting this because I think it’s funny. We all need a little comedy once in a while. Angry Black women? Hehehe.]

    ok of your calling me………….ignorant !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe you should take this down.. because if you dont [sic] like what people say in response then shut the hell up………. you must be one of those angry black women…………. to take something someone says and go all crazy with it………… anyway dont [sic] get on the net and start talking if you dont want to take the words people put at you…………… so i say to you…………. as honestly as i can dont [sic] be an ignorant dumb ass……

  5. Zrvzbksu said


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