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Blog For Sex Education Day

Posted by Jack Stephens on June 6, 2007

Bloggers around the blogosphere bloged for the need of sex education.

Renegade has a list of links from people who have blogged on Blog For Sex Education Day.

Here are a few notable (of the many) blogs:


I blogged for sex education by ranting and raving with my younger brother about the ridiculous experiences we have had, and faux logic we have heard, from Louisiana and a few other men. We do not know what they are really up to as we do not understand them, but our provisional theory is that patriarchy + guilt about sex not only ruins sex but interdicts the possibility of non-faux relationship…(Read More)

Jack Goff:

Bottom line is that sexual education that is truthful and contraception-oriented, with emphasis on testing and personal responsibility, coupled with a feminist understanding of consent, is the ONLY education for our children that assesses reality, and will minimize risk in sexually active people…(Read More)

Jim K:

Seems from their point of view, if you’re going to say something about gay people, you’ve got to say something ugly. You should talk about what a dirty and disease-ridden bunch of promiscuous child-molesters they all are, you should take every aspect of the negative stereotype and teach it as fact (is this what the term “gospel truth” means?) in the classroom. You should tell students that sexual orientation is a choice, and that gay people can change if they want to — oh, and be sure to include as many lurid details of sex practices as possible, especially if they can be made to sound disgusting…(Read More)

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    Hey! I’m flattered! 🙂 Z

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