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Rotten to the Core: America’s Justice System

Posted by Jack Stephens on June 4, 2007

Exodus Mentality blogs about an article he read concerning a cover up by Atlanta police officers:

It is absolutely essential that we recognize that this is not just some little problem with a few bad cops. This is a clear and glaring symptom of a of a diseased rotten to the core system. This article lays out a big piece of the problem at the law enforcement level, for reasons that I can only speculate, there is a significant segment of the law enforcement community engaged in unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral behavior and being protected by the remainder of the police force.


One Response to “Rotten to the Core: America’s Justice System”

  1. Diane Outlaw said

    I am a Black woman, 50+ years old. I have been a resident of Harlem for much of my childhood. Returned to Harlem, as a grown-up. Noticed immediately the changes that the police department had made. I noticed that there was no more dialog between the officer and the suspect. No dialog at all. Just shots being fired. I was told by a disappointed ex-officer that the younger cops decided to shoot to kill, and no one is even debating that issue. Police chiefs seem to be afraid of the young ‘hot heads’coming in as ‘rookies’. These young men are not experienced in their social skills. Heaven only knows why they chose to be an officer. Was it to be able just to shoot, and not worry about consequences? Or are they bullies, with guns? thugs with licenses to kill? We’ve heard of frustrated police officers, who brought a suspect to jail, months later to appear in court and have some judge give a light sentence – or just release the suspect – because of acrowded prison system, and an overworked court system. Black folks are really being slaughtered all over the continent – by a GOVERNMENT AGENCY that allow the murder of many innocent citizens. I have 4 sons and 1 daughter – and worry so much about each of them. The definition of terrorism is when government mistreats and violates the basic rights of its citizens. That is the definition of terroism. Its ironic that Bush is the one crying about terrorists, when it is his administration that violates all of our rights, and re-wrote some of our most precious laws. It’s a $%^^&^ shame, because the police are our first responders. Now they just shoot us in the head, and keep it moving. No remorse, no explanations, no nothing. The world is watching…

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