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The Fashionability of Domestic Abuse

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 31, 2007

The blogger Vox at the blog Vox Ex Machina writes about a recent ad campaign by United Colors of Benneton:

Domestic violence is not fashionable. Violence in general is not fashionable, nor is rape. But, as a society, we are taught that fashion is, well, fashionable. Mixed messages, right?

If women and girls are constantly shown images of dead women, beaten women, bound women, raped women and ARE TOLD THESE WOMEN ARE BEAUTIFUL by the industry that DEFINES beauty, then eventually, some of them are going to start believing it.

And since we’re also taught from a young age that beauty is everything, with women’s magazines focusing almost exclusively on what bathing suit best flatters your frame, how to make your eyelashes look longer, choosing the right foundation, the best type of squats to get rid of butt flab, the best breakfast to help you lose weight … what higher goal does society dictate a woman should have, after over 150 years of women’s rights movements, than to be beautiful?


One Response to “The Fashionability of Domestic Abuse”

  1. Apurva said

    Jack, Bennetton denies they were behind this –

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