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Obama and the Secrete Service

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 24, 2007

Stephanie blogs:

The darker the candidate’s skin and the more serious his candidacy, the earlier he seems to need protecting.All of which adds a telling dimension to the ongoing debate about Obama and blackness that has percolated for months beneath the surface of his candidacy.On the one side, you have earnest white people insisting that, because his mother was white, Obama is not really black, but “biracial.”On the other side, you have earnest black people insisting that, because his heritage does not trace to slavery, Obama is not really black enough — that is, not black in a cultural sense.Apparently, however, he is both black and black enough for whatever individual or individuals unnerved his handlers enough to seek Secret Service protection.


2 Responses to “Obama and the Secrete Service”

  1. Wait until Hillary’s machine, really goes after him.

    The Clinton’s even have Rupert Murdoch with them.

  2. Gaffer said

    I read now the Secret Service has given him a code name: RENEGADE. Not sure if that’s a good name or a bad one for him.

    This website has others:

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