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Archive for May 22nd, 2007

LGBTQI Asian Americans

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 22, 2007

C.N. posts a blog about a report on Asian American LGBTQI peoples done by the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force in the blog Asian-Nation:

In my writings and my classes that I teach, however paradoxically it may sound, I’ve always felt that the more that we unite under the collective identity of “Asian Americans,” the more power and authority we will have in asserting the specific needs of unique subgroups within our community, whether they relate to different ethnic groups, or to those among us who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT). In that context, the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force has come out with its annual report on the state of LGBT Asian Americans.


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16th International Communist Seminar

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 22, 2007

A blogger at posts a blog on the International Communist Seminar:

Earlier this month, the 16th annual International Communist Seminar took place in Belgium. This is an important event that brings together many of the most important communist parties and organizations in the world (including some parties that hold state power and many that don’t). The seminar aims to unite communists, many of whom have previously been divided, around an ongoing commitment to Marxism-Leninism and proletarian internationalism. A basic statement of the politics that guide the seminar are in the declaration from the 1999 seminar.

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From Cult to Religion

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 22, 2007

Violet, of the blog Reclusive Leftist, writes about religion and cults:

See, all the revealed religions pretty much start out like that. Comets, magic underwear, resurrected corpses. The key to graduating from Nutcase Cult to Respected Religion is all in the staying power. Obviously the Heaven’s Gate people fumbled the ball right off the bat with the mass suicide thing, so you’ll want to bear that in mind if you’re thinking of starting your own religion. But if your cult sticks around, maybe loses some of the weirder practices, maybe puts a little effort into blending with the rest of society, then you’ve got a shot.

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No Nukes Grassroots Movement

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 22, 2007

Verbena-19 posts an article by Harvey Wasserman which opens with:

Thirty years ago this month, in the small seacoast town of Seabrook, New Hampshire, a force of mass non-violent green advocacy collided with the nuke establishment.

A definitive victory over corporate power was won. And the global grassroots “No Nukes” movement emerged as one of the most important and effective in human history.

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