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The Press: We Report and Decide!

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 21, 2007

Gautam Sen, of the blog Gyanoprobha, blogs about the arrest of his brother and its portrayal in the mainstream press in India:

But this is how it is being reported in some of the mainstream press. This the second instance of mainstream papers acting as stenographers to the police: simply passing on the police version, without bothering to check on their claims.

By way of contrast, the Hindustan Times simply repeats the lies put out by the police. “After a week long search”, my brother was supposed to have been arrested in Bilaspur while “trying to consult his lawyer to evade possible police arrest”. This is intended to create the impression of a diligent police force being obstructed by a cowardly terrorist for a whole week while they were busy searching high and low for him.

Originally linked by Bhupinder in Blogbharti.

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