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Archive for May 15th, 2007

The Death of a Reverend

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 15, 2007

Pam blogs about the death of the Rev. Jerry Falwell in her blog Pam’s House Blend:

It’s sad to hear, as of last week (in an interview with CNN), he stood by his 2001 comments that gays, lesbians, pro-choice advocates and feminists were to blame for 9/11.

I wish that Reverend Falwell, who at one time was against integration and interracial marriage, could have lived long enough to see full LGBT equality finally come to pass. We all know that it will prove him terribly wrong once again — that treating one group of citizens the same as everyone else isn’t a threat to marriage, the American family or this country.


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Palestinian Women

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 15, 2007

Mona El-Farra, of the blog From Gaza, with Love, writes about women in Palestine:

I believe that women in my country need to be empowered in various ways. What is most important is that women are aware of their social, legal, economic, health and political rights and have the tools to fully implement those rights. While education for women about these rights is important, knowledge and enlightening alone is not enough. Practical projects and programmes that help to alleviate poverty for women and strengthen their economic independence are essential. Having this economic independence means they can play a much greater and important role, both inside the family and in the community as a whole.

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