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Carnival of Radical Feminists

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 12, 2007

The first ever Carnival of Radical Feminists has been published on the blog Women’s Space/The Margins:

As those of you who have been patiently waiting have observed, putting the First Carnival of Radical Feminists together became far more intense and complex — and time-consuming — a project for me than I had anticipated it would be. It was important to me to at least attempt to lay as solid a foundation for future radical feminist carnivals as I could, to establish a framework which would ground what we post to these carnivals in the work of radical feminist visionaries, leaders, pioneers, herstory and theory-making while continuing to make room for creativity, challenges, and new and different ideas. I wanted women reading to find as many opportunities to connect and engage with what we are offering as a community as possible, not only radical feminist women, but all women and men of good intentions and good will, no matter what their experiences with, or knowledge of, radical feminism have been until now. At the same time, I wanted what is offered to be, again, grounded in the work and thought of radical feminist women.


One Response to “Carnival of Radical Feminists”

  1. Second Carnival of Radical Feminists: Get Your Articles to Ann Bartow by June 3

    Our new Carnival, by the by, got a nice mention in the latest Utne Reader Web Watch in an article about racism in the blogosphere entitled Bigotry and the Blogs. Check it out!

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