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Virginia Tech and Immigration

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 9, 2007

Jen and James muse together about Pat Buchannan’s comments on Cho’s immigration status and it’s connection to the Virginia Tech massacure in the blog Reappropriate:

One need not praise the immigrant experience to find fault with Buchannan’s reasoning. His conception of pre-1960’s America as a utopian cultural community where people looked out for one another is not only flawed, it’s racist. The destruction of this utopia (in Buchannan’s eyes) happened when the Civil Rights Movement broke down the walls of silence White people used to ignore the oppression that benefitted their group. Sure, Buchannan doesn’t want to blame immigrants for their supposed anti-assimilation, but he can’t help it because he’s so caught up in attacking the post-Civil Rights Movement era. This is nothing more than another divisive, racist argument designed to pit minority communities against one another and promote gated-community suburban White fear of anybody dark.

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