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Gentrification of Hate Crimes

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 8, 2007

Ron Kipling Williams blogs about a new hate crime bill in his blog Aware and Outraged:

President Bush threatened to veto an expansive hate crime bill passed by the House on Thursday which includes violence based on sexual orientation and gender. He and his White House people believe that the current laws cover this already.

Meanwhile many in the clergy believe that it would hamper their sermons against homosexual behavior. In fact, this is what Bishop Harry Jackson of Hop Christian Church in Lanham, Maryland said, according to CNN:

“We believe that this legislation will criminalize our freedom of speech and our ability to preach the gospel.”

This is where people who are seemingly informed and educated come out of the ignorance closet. How does protecting homosexuals from being assaulted and/or killed translate into preventing the clergy from preaching against homosexual behavior? Unless it is their objective that violence be one of their unfortunate byproducts of the masses’ increasing intolerance of homosexuals.


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