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Black Workers Should Support Immigrant’s Rights

Posted by Jack Stephens on May 8, 2007

John Parker, on the blog Black Agenda Report, argues that Blacks should support immigrant rights:

The ruling class makes great use of these inadequacies in our movement and plays the same game on Black, Asian and Latin@ workers that was played in the 1930s on white workers to convince them that they had no interest in uniting and building solidarity with Black workers. Although only the bosses controlled the amount of jobs available, they pushed the idea that Black workers were stealing their jobs and community resources. Because of this they were able for many years to convince white workers that Black workers should not be in their unions. By creating division through the further promotion of white supremacy and the super-exploitation of Black workers they were able to keep the union movement weak and the amount of jobs, wages, benefits and quality of life of white workers as low as possible.

Today, as if following the same script, there is an unrelenting drive by the ruling class in this country to divide Black, Asian and Latin@ people through sensational stories of atrocities by one against the other in the corporate media.


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