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In Solidarity: Sanhati

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 30, 2007

Rama quotes a mission statement from the West Bengali activist organization Sanhati in the blog Cuckoo’s call:

We are voices of dissent. We oppose the murderous politics of the state government of West Bengal as well as the cheap populism of otherwise pro-liberalism parties. We stand in solidarity, in Sanhati, with all forces that oppose police terror in Bengal and the inhuman urban-industrial vision. We staunchly defend the rights of tillers over their lives and their lands.

6 Responses to “In Solidarity: Sanhati”

  1. arnab said

    I must warn the internet populace that the founder of ‘sanhati’ is a right wing activist. The government of west bengal is a democratically elected; the people have voted overwhelmingly for large scale industrialization.
    Contrary to popular perception, farming is NOT profitable. If it was farmers should not have come to the cities looking for menial,low-skilled work. city dwellers would have gone to the villages. Industrialization is the only way forward.
    The villagers of the affected regions want industrialization-they have voted overwhelmingly for the left on the last election. Then the question remains: who are these activists? The answer: members of the ‘nay’ brigade who wants to destroy the rural peace. Their composition: a chilling one-the fundamentalist taliban loving jamaat-e-islami, the anarchist CPIML and the bigoted hindu VHP-all those who wish to have a stake in east India politics.
    As responsible citizens our job is to identify these forces; the task is very hard as these malcontents operate under the ‘NGO’ brand and so called ‘not for profit’ organizations.
    Find them and warn the people about them!

  2. Riddhi said

    Dear Arnab,
    I must applaud your strong sense of civic duty of warning people of unwarranted forces looming in the internet. Would you please be kind enough to enlighten us on your source or fact behind the statement – “I must warn the internet populace that the founder of ’sanhati’ is a right wing activist.” ? I am sure you are one of the many CPIM supporters who have visited singur or nandigram after the massacre and uprising and all your remarks regarding the “nay brigade” is not due to some party sponsored media news. And I am sure you also know the perfect reason why the people who voted accoring to you “overwhelmingly for large scale industrialization” one fine day just woke up in an area dominated by the ruling party, women who used to spend most of their days trying to make ends meet and also work in the field took up household items such as knives and choppers as arms and responded with a resounding NO to land grab by the government? Do you mean to say, when 13 of 15 panchaayets were under CPI, some right wing NGO or whatnot sneaked in and managed to brainwash these people? Oh and by the way, are you also suggesting that an area like Medinipore, with a long history of resistance and peasant uprisings are so naive, that on one hand either the ruling party needs to come in and make them understand what is good for them, or send in cadres to “cajole” and make them understand a “little more” or on the other hand, right wing forces in a left dominated area can push them to the wrong track. These farmers surely do not understand what is right, what is good for them, we the city babus are the only savior for them one way or the other.

  3. mainak said

    Hi Arnab – To claim that you know the “founder of Sanhati” and that the person is right-wing is a total lie. The founder certainly doesn’t know you.

    The political views of the founders are exactly expressed in the quoted mission statement.

    Spread more lies – you can’t stop us with a “local committee, unfortunately.

  4. kk said

    To call every dissent rightist is a fascist tendency in the garb of leftism.Whatever Arnab says can be claimed by any supporter of an outright bourgeois party ruled states in India. All the governments claim to be “democratically elected”,and if “farming is not profitable so neoliberal industrialisation” is the mantra for West Bengal, then it is so for all other regions in India. By this logic, the CPI(M) too is a rightist force as in other regions it is opposed to what it is implementing in West Bengal.

    Just because all other opportunist parliamentary parties (of the CPI(M) variety) is opposing SEZ in WB for their electoral interests, they do not come into an alliance with the radical left honestly opposing SEZ. If it were so then RSS and CPI(M) both were opposing Emergency in the 1970s, should we conclude that they were hobnobbing with each other?

  5. Arnab said

    So, I went away for a few days and the right wingers screamed again! But you people are all emotional-just answer my basic question-WHY does the farmer come to WORK IN THE CITY? no answer eh?
    There won’t be. Because you have no answer. You people has always apread the canard that the LF govt had come to power by rigging elections. The last election proved that you are living in a fool’s paradise. The common people has overwhelmingly voted for the left.
    I can assure you that the opposition votes have decreased after the nandigram episode. The common people are not stupid- they understand what is right or wrong, they know who their freinds are-and Mamata Banerjee’s party and the BJP are not one of them.
    I do not know the founder member of sanhati, nor do I want to know him. I do not associate with life’s failures.
    good riddance!

  6. Sam said

    The latest news is that the Tatas have pulled out of W.B. for good. Those opposing the Tatas should now come out with a plan for the upliftment of poor farmers.

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