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“O Canada! Our Home and Racist Land!”

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 29, 2007

Kersplebedeb blogs about a First Nation student who refused to stand for the Candadian national anthem and was kicked out of class for it, in the blog Sketchy Thoughts:

Does it really take a white rocket scientist to see what Indigenous kids across this continent have no trouble grasping? Does colonial privilege really make people that stupid?

This is a song celebrating the establishment of Canada (“with glowing hearts we see you rise”), and its military defense (“we stand on guard for thee”). What exactly do you think the establishment of Canada meant, every step of the way? Dispossession, rape, exile, and death for Indigenous people is what it meant. That’s why one of the main groups against whom military defense was necessary were the land’s first inhabitants.

And you can add to this the special sexist allegiance owed to it by young men; “true patriot love in all thy sons command” – just some masculine quid pro quo for getting to rape Indigenous women and children would be my guess.

One Response to ““O Canada! Our Home and Racist Land!””

  1. uknowmenot said

    I can agree with some of that, but if you hear the American nation song its worse than Canadian one.

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