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Love of Drag Queens and Trans People

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 24, 2007

Queer Kid of Color writes about drag queens and trans people and the roles they have played in society:

It may be difficult for people to understand why many look up to these parodies of women and why many find them funny and how they became prime in the gay community. The truth of the matter is that drag queens deserve every adulation that comes to them, because they set the standards, they redefined gender, and they were the main component in the revolution against ignorance and what we now come to know as the Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights movement. On June of 1969, not thinking of the consequences of her actions, Sylvia Rivera, a then 17 year old drag queen initiated the Stonewall riots. This tall, thin, fragile being led what would become known as the start of the Gay & Lesbian Civil Rights movement.


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