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Apologist Academics Beware

Posted by Jack Stephens on April 24, 2007

Fire Fly share’s her thoughts on the Everyday Multiculturalism Conference at Macquarie University in Austrailia in her blog She Who Stumbles:

I’m sick to death of (white) academics from the so-called “left” apologising for racist violence. I’m sick of hyper-detailed ethnomethodology being used to erase the power differentials between people of colour and white people. I’m sick of self-absorbed academic relativism that refuses to see the bigger picture.


One Response to “Apologist Academics Beware”

  1. Fire Fly said

    Actually, I was just complaining about two papers from that conference. The letter excerpt was written after a different conference, but where the take was the same. I’m working on unpacking the problematic notions of identity and culture that I think underpinned the wrong-headed approaches at that conference. Hopefully I can cook up a post about it sooner or later.

    Thanks for the trackback!

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